Lead Researchers: Ian Harrison (Conservation International), Marc Goichot (World Wide Fund for Nature)

The first three components of the DELTAS framework - Delta-SRES, Delta-RADS, and Delta-DAT - are are aimed at developing a comprehensive suite of tools that are both flexible and accessible to a global community of scientists, governments, NGOs, and local stakeholders to evaluate the risks and behaviors of the world’s vulnerable deltaic systems. The final component of the project is the Delta-ACT initiative, which seeks to apply the DELTAS modeling framework to three diverse, globally significant delta systems in which the research team has extensive experience and connections with the local community to ensure stakeholder involvement.

The three project deltas - the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM), the Mekong, and the Amazon - will each receive a customized integrative modeling framework which will be implemented, in collaboration with regional experts, to assess delta vulnerability to current and future conditions, as well as guide sustainable management and policy.  Read more about the challenges and proposed solutions for these deltas on their respective pages: GBM, Mekong, and Amazon.